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We provide quality education for the future

We provide a range of programs aimed at helping you to develop your skills to help you stand out in the workplace or in business. Our programs range from 1 Day Master Classes, Short Courses, Skills Transfer & Capacity Building Programs and opportunities to study in the UK with The University of the West of Scotland. These programs are also available to organisations who wish to expand and stretch their staff to reach new and exciting heights

Who we are

The DEED Institute (Diaspora Institute of Employability and Enterprise Development) was first registered in the UK in 2012 as the first Diaspora agency seeking to support and mainstream the Diaspora community in response to challenges facing the Youth and Women in Kenya.

The DEED vision is to be an institute of choice for the Kenyan Diaspora responding to humanitarian needs in Kenya, rescue and empowerment of young people at risk of crime terrorism, drug and substance abuse and other natural or war disasters as well as supporting women and young mothers to find sustainable livelihoods through employability and enterprise programs post crises events.

The institute aims to create resilient economy with vibrant and progressive youth and women who participate fully in the development and recovery of their local economy through employability and enterprise development.

The Deed institute is ISO certified and has had contracts to deliver World Bank programs in areas ofemployability and enterprise development.The institute has worked with various UK agencies to support the venerable youth and women in society and are a lead Diaspora organisation in resource mobilization and uniting the Diaspora community for actions.

The DEED Institute has helped to mainstream various Diaspora communities to act collectively in responding to needs in Kenya while maintaining the family and domestic support which is a great boost to the Kenyan Economy.

The DEED Institute has active activities in 8 counties in Kenya with thriving youth and Women programs these counties include Wajir, Mandera, Kilifi, Machakos, Nyandarua, Bungoma, Kakamega and Kisii. In each of the counties, our activities range from capacity building, skills training, employability, enterprise development, mentorship and enterprise support and resources mobilization. The Deed Institute has been contracted by the Kenyan government through the National Industrial Training Authority to deliver a World Bank program across the eight (8) counties in Kenya. With the emergence of COVID 19, several of these counties requested the Institute to help in strategic and disaster Management. The DEED has helped develop a response plan for the Wajir County. The Institute has developed information packages in local languages communicating awareness of COVID 19 and its impact in the family and society. The institute has also helped in the moving of the small-scale businesses from a congested market to a newly developed market space that allows for social distancing. The DEED institute has also assisted the county to prepare for COVID 19 by providing 2 ICU beds and 10 high-dependency beds.

We're in the business of quality education.

Our Vision is to provide skills and capacity to School leavers who choose to develop and hone academic work based trades and knowledge to advance their Employability and Enterprise Development. We also aim to be the institute of choice to school leavers and employers.

And finally, to be current and strategic in enabling young graduates to access the labour market seamlessly by enhancing their skills and competencies through internships and industry experience.

Our Objectives

Reduce Unemployment

We strive to reduce the unemployment gap by creating short and effective start up training programs which get the young school leavers into an active gainful employment or internship program.

Quality Training

We offer Vocational on work training and qualifications for this young people to advance their skills and competencies

We create a link to the trainees and the employers, creating a seamless progression from school to employment or enterprise. We also develop a work coach and mentorship program to help encourage resilience and career progression,

Alumni Support

We offer a bulk negotiating forum to source big contracts that help the young workers develop stronger grip in the industry. We also offer a lifelong support to our alumni to ensure holistic progression and prosperity. To create an enabling environment for cultural exchange. To improve the distribution of support and aid granted to African Countries and make sure that the support reaches those it is intended for.

Prof Lukas Njenga CEO

Prof John Struthers BOARD MEMBER


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